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Hello to everyone,

My name is Konstantinos Tsaousis I am 24 years old and I am from greece, I am a professional body piercer/ body modification practitioner since 2018, I recently mastered the tooth gem technique. Since then I worked in several studios in Athens and abroad. I see my self as a curator and after as a piercer. I am working almost exclusively with high end quality jewelry and internal jewelry. I always wanted to become an APP member, but sadly studios in Athens do not have the criteria to be eligible for an APP certification (you have to be one year resident to a studio that meet the APP criteria).
Furthermore, as nearly all piercers love their job, I am no exception, I am passionate, communicative and I always want to be sure that the client is happy and understand what to do to take care of their new piercing/the aftercare method. I am a social being that loves meeting new people. I see myself as a polite and hardworking person.

i am looking for a guest spot in Everywhere. 🌎



Certification of attending practical and theoretical lessons on the body piercing sector
First aid/ bloodborne pathogens/ cross contamination avoidance/ CPR
Masterclasses from APP association for daith, forward helix and bridge piercing
Practical and theoretical lessons specialiased on body modification and specific anatomy
Tooth gem seminar (online course). BMX NET attendance 2022 (several seminars)

Proficiency in English
University Diploma (Physics)
Driver license

Previous studios:

Prive (Athens) Resident 1 year
Polis Decay (Athens) Resident 6 months
Barcode (Athens) Resident 2 years
Frankenstein (London) Guest
Dina Maghawry (Cairo) Guest every two months for a month
Colorfast studio, (Florida) Guest, Athens tattoo studio (Athens), Nxt lvl ink (Aachen, Germany)


Greek (fluent)
English (fluent)
Arabic (enough to get by)

for my portfolio, please check my IG: Tsaouseskov_