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I'm a tattoo artist, a mom, and a bit of a pit bull - after years in the corporate world, I decided to turn my career upside down and get into tattooing - I bit the ball and didn't let go.

I've dedicated all my free time to creating designs and practicing tattooing on family and friends. Soon they told their friends, and it snowballed. Before I knew it, I was opening a modern tattoo studio in Karlín so that I could take care of my growing clientele.

I’m never done working on myself. Last year, Forbes Česko appreciated my diligence and determination when they included me in their annual selection of inspiring stories of successful Czech women, Forbes Woman.

A unique tattoo with extra care, just how you like it

With me, you won't wake up with a tattoo hangover. We always consult your ideas in advance. I enjoy being inspired by your imagination and helping you materialize it. I will prepare an original design (or revise yours), and we’ll fine-tune it before your visit.

I dip into various tattoo styles and techniques. I make both black & white and color tattoos. I like to play with micro tattoos and I enjoy doing linework, dotwork, abstract tattoo art, and my top favorite motif is mandalas. I also fix or cover old tattoos.

Is this your very first tattoo? No worries. I am here for you with instructions on what to expect, how to prepare, and how to take care of your new tattoo.

I choose only high-quality, natural, vegan products that make healing and home care as smooth as possible.

You can easily find my tattoo studio, just a few steps from the Florenc station and close to Masaryk railway station, if you come to Prague by train. Feel free to bring your kid, friend, or grandmother. I welcome both small and big visitors.

Don't hesitate to ask me anything. I look forward to your email, Instagram or Facebook message.

With love,

Mom - Katie G