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  • June 20, 2024 2:46 pm local time

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Searching for my brand new studio a really(!!!) good allrounder as a guest and maybe later as a resident artist. Grand opening on 1st december 2022. Complete new studio, new interior, high class studio with high class guest artists.

I expect from you to be punctual, hygienic work, to be nice to the customer and please no DRAMA!

I offer you a nice, beautiful, clean and relaxed workplace within walking distance to the city of Osnabrück. You don´t speak german? No problem, we will manage this. You just have to be proficient in english.


Interested? Please contact me here, Instagram @area_v3, Mail: or my mobile Nummer: +49 1573 0156566


Hope to see you soon in my studio, Vanessa

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