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Anton here: born and raised in France became Canadian citizen. I’m looking to come back in Europe.
❌Countries I’m looking for guest spots are:
❌Countries I would like to work permanently are :
1st: FINLAND 🇫🇮 (❤️)
2nd: SWEDEN 🇸🇪
3rd: DANEMARK 🇩🇰
I’m in North of America right now ( Canada ).
I could stay in North of America, but for this I would like to join a tattoo shop in USA only (not Canada anymore).
❌States in USA I would like to live permanently are :
1st: Florida
2nd: Texas
3rd: NYC
No drugs, no drama and totally not a rock star…
I have a lot of opportunities to stay work in Canada, but I think the time is came for me to leave Canada.
Ps: I’m seeking to work in a professional and busy tattoo shop. If you’re looking for a serious artist, I’m looking for a serious and professional tattoo shop. Just come and stay sit on a chair 5 times a week to do 1 tattoo only each week.
No thanks !!!! 🙏🏻