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Hi, my name is Adrian, I've been tattooing for around 30 years now, I started in London, where I lived 12 years.

I worked in a lot of different shops around the world and love traveling.

I speak italian, english, french and german.

I've had the first shop in europe specialized in Chicano Style. I only do black and grey, realistic and chicano style.

I tattoo life stories and every tattoo I do is made for that customer and tells something about that person.

I have been staying in the same place for too long and I restart traveling again. I'm looking for shops in Germany and the north or east of Europe, where I can work as a guest artist and eventually, maybe as a permanent guest artist.

I comunicate a lot with the customers and try to give them an experience and a beautiful tattoo.

you can have a look at my instagram where you will find many more tattoos and if you need any info , feel free to contact me, phone, email, instagram, whatsapp.

looking forward to find some work in a cool studio with cool people ( Germany would be my priority)